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Welcome to the Ugandan Community in Netherlands website! We hope that you enjoy browsing our website, and that you find a lot of useful information. We expect the information on this website to be of particular interest to Ugandans living in Netherlands. However, anyone interested in the community welfare is likely to find this information useful. Don't forget to tune in to our UCN RADIO LIVE STREAM for more updates






Participants from Uganda are requested to pay the registration fees in postbank or via the event page. Invitation letter wil be sent to you after the payement has been confirmed.  UCN doesnt charge any other costs on top of the registration fee.  Visa fees and visa related issues, remain a responsibilty of the dutch embassy.  UCN is not responsible for payements outside Postbank.  For questions please contact   UCN directly:          


Born in Uganda!!!!? This does not make you a Ugandan. Ensure you register for your dual citizenship.

Some of the reasons to attend the Uganda Netherlands Business Convention scheduled to take place on the 24th August include, 
a) Operationalizing Uganda dual citizenship?
b) Your rights in Uganda as a Ugandan in the Diaspora
c) Know more about your Right to Vote in Uganda
d) How to obtain your National ID 
e) How the new land policy that will allow the government to acquire private land for public use without prior compensation of owners will affect you.
f) Citizenship to Children born abroad.

UNBC: Agriculture grants back home

 New Grants for agricultural development. Try your luck The United National Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) in partnership with the European Union and the Government of Uganda is implementing a four-year Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU). The general objective of the Programme is to consolidate stability in Northern Uganda, eradicate poverty and under-nutrition and strengthen the foundations for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development. Entrepreneurs from the following regions/districts have the opportunity to apply: Karamoja Abim, Amudat, Kaabong, Kotido, Moroto, Nakapiripirit, Napak 
Acholi Agago, Amuru, Gulu, Kitgum, Lamwo, Nwoya, Omoro, Pader Lango Alebtong, Amolatar, Apac, Dokolo, Kole, Lira, Otuke, Oyam Teso Amuria, Katakwi West Nile Adjumani, Arua, Koboko, Maracha, Moyo, Nebbi, Yumbe, Zombo 
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2. Application Form ->

Ugandans In Netherlands,
On behalf of the UCN executive, I will like to take this opportunity to thank all the gallant Ugandans and friends who managed to attend the 2018 Community Annual General meeting. Salutations for putting your country Uganda first
At no moment do we take your presence for granted, For many of you, attendance came with different personal expenses and sacrifices attached but you still heeded to be present. Thank you very much for rising up to standard.
For yet another year, as a community organ we will continue digging in so as to keep our aims and objectives at head sight. This year, 

  1. Our community football team will represent us at an all Ugandan soccer gala in Munich Germany on Saturday 14th July 2018, Be encouraged to go and support.
  2. The Uganda Netherlands Business Convention (UNBC) under the theme "Enhancing Agricultural Value addition" will take place on the 24th August 2018 at the NOVOTEL HOTEL in Amsterdam. Please save the date so that you can grab your chance to meet with Business and Investment companies both from Uganda and the Netherlands.
  3. Arrangements to have the issuance of Uganda National IDs are advancing, with the first lot planned to take place at the convention.
  4. The Uganda Community day (UCN day) will take place on the 25th August 2018 starting with sporting activities at the Bijlmersports park followed by an after party at Egoli 1.
  5. The place and date for the celebration of the 56th Ugandan Independence will be communicated in due time.

Lastly, I would like to thank all respected Ugandans who have contributed financially to the various causes - your support has always been handy to the community welfare. In the same way,  a big round of applause for all the patriotic Ugandans who have continually worked tirelessly to ensure that our fragile community functions as desired. 


Uganda Netherlands Business Convention

With the Ugandan Diaspora ever increasing, our interests cannot get ignored anymore. Last week the Dutch and Belgium Ugandan community representatives met a Foreign affairs delegation from Kampala at the Uganda Embassy in Brussels to discuss issues pertaining Diaspora recognition.

Issues such as Ugandan Diaspora profiling, National ID registration, DUAL citizenship, Rights to vote, SIM card registration and Imports taxation among others were discussed.

  • As a pledge, the Uganda Netherlands Business Convention in Amsterdam has been placed to be a pivotal link in gradually aiding to achieve the above mentioned issues and also promoting Uganda in the European Union.


From left to right Drs. Nieve Garcia, Amb Mirjam Blaak, Dr.Ir. Johan Bremmer and Dr.Ir. Gerben 

On the 18th January 2018 Amb Blaak, Brussels had a meeting in the Netherlands with Wageningen university officials to brainstorm on developing a programme to combat the “false coddling moth”, which is rampant in roses and capsicum exported into the EU and causes many consignments to be rejected as being non compliant with EU phytosanitary standards. This endangers Uganda’s export into EU as a possible EU ban of such products is still imminent. Wageningen is already working in Uganda and will concentrate its efforts to assist in overcoming this particular problem.


With all due respect and gratitude, I salute all the Ugandans and friends of the community for attending/participating at the Uganda-Netherlands Business Convention and the Uganda Community day. Bravo for all your input!!

And to you the volunteers, There was never going to be any way of pulling off 3 big events in 2 days without all of your tireless efforts - Again, a great reminder that whenever we unite, success shall always be guaranteed.

A report of these events will be published soon and In the coming weeks, we shall meet with the volunteers to give/receive feedback on our performances and to strategies on our opportunities for the future.

Once again, we are reminded that our communing is only meaningful with unity at the forefront.



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Upcoming Events

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Invitation Uganda day 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

The Ugandan Community in the Netherlands (UCN) cordially invites you to attend the UCN day on the 26th of August 2017 in Amsterdam.

The main goal of this annual calendar event is to foster a Dutch-Uganda Diaspora social and business interaction forum. The UCN day therefore provides a hub for individuals and organizations that have Uganda and Ugandans living in the Netherlands on their agenda. Just like last year, the theme of the event is: Living a healthy and productive life in the Diaspora. The highlights of the day will be a mini marathon for all, plus a lot of cultural and sporting activities from the Ugandan community. The event will further feature among others business exhibitions, personalized B2B matchmaking, Products and services market boosting, profitable networking, business and investment pitching, investor lobbying, charitable works plotting and many more.

On behalf of the Ugandan Community in the Netherlands, I hope that you will participate on this day either as a sponsor, exhibitor or as a visitor. You are encouraged to confirm participation by 29th July 2017.

Yours truly, Derrick Senyonjo. General Secretary – UCN +31 628472810

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